de-evolution (dedicated to TFB)

my debit card has been missing and so i have to pay for everything with a check. wanting to avoid the uncomfortable situation of slowing down other's fast food orders by writing a check, i dropped in to the local harmons grocery store and picked up some oriental crunch salad from the deli and a few chocolate covered cinnamon bears then headed to the check out. this is my conversation with the cashier, verbatim (slloyd, this happened in orem utah, not indiana or wherever the heck you were. de-evolution is everywhere).

cashier: (looking at my chocolate covered cinnamon bears) ooh! i got these at college the other day!
me: oh, really? byu?
cashier: no, uvsc. they were sooo gross. i think it's cause it depends on who makes them.
me: actually, i think it has more to do with the brand of cinnamon bears, cause some aren't very cinnamony and are just flavorless goo.
cashier: oh (a light went on in her precious little head). alright, your total is six oh twelve.
me: um...how much did you say it was?
cashier: six oh twelve.
me: are you sure?
cashier: yeah, i've rung it all up and i'm looking at the total here.
me: (hesitantly) alright...

so i wrote up the check for $6.012. written out: six and 012/100 dollars. de-evolution at work.


buddens said...

That's hilarious and sad! The saddest part is that the someone somewhere is going to notice your sad little check (someone who is not de-evolving) and think that you are the dumb one, not slow cashier girl.

g Duncan said...

I'm laughing so hard right now! Wish I was there to witness it fer me self.

Marc said...

Ahem.... don't you need to finish the story? What did the clerk say? Do you think (s)he'll write a blog post about you?

AlexisTexas said...

wow-i just laughed out loud at work-people staring at me for it is kind of fun actually-laughing apparently is inappropriate here. Mostly i'm laughing because i love that you actually wrote .012 on the check! and i'm laughing at you, for writing checks-suck. suckfest for sure. i laughed at a lady in front of me in line at walmart who was writing checks, but mostly because she split her 300 items into three separate checks, and still paid with checks...she threw a fit about the gift receipts at walmart too-i was just laughing for quite a while. anyway-remind me to tell you the story about the other girl at walmart-crazy.

AlexisTexas said...

oh and amen to the nasty cinnamon bears-were the harmon ones good? it's so hard to find really good ones i swear. too waxy of choc or not enough cinnamon-suckfest.

Kateastrophe said...

I just snorted. THat is so freaking funny.

And I love (and miss!) chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I can't find them in Phoenix. :(

{lizzythebotanist} said...

buddens-i hadn't even thought of that....that IS sad.

marc-i'm sure she hasn't posted about me because she has most likely never heard of "blogging" and would think it was some sort of dance with funny shoes.

alexistexas-yes, the harmons ones are good. maybe you know of a place in phoenix where katastrophe can find them?

Two Wheeler said...

Haha, that is pretty good. I can picture the whole sequence of events right now. It's a sad but funny world we live in, eh?


Diane CaƱate said...

You can't be serious! This is proof of the breakdown of our society.

AlexisTexas said...

the sweet factory used to have good ones...who knows if they even have the sweet factory in malls anymore-i don't think i ever saw one in ut...i miss u liz. and cinnamon bears. yum.