First Day: Preschool

it was the perfect back-to-school morning: thunderstorms and chilly air. the kid ran out of the car and straight into class without so much as a glance back at me. he was SO ready. all of his friends started kindergarten two weeks ago (seriously, every single kid he knows) and he has felt a little left out. he's definitely a little guy and it's a good thing he's got another year before he starts kindergarten, but it's hard when he wants to play with friends and i have to remind him that everyone is at school.

there's a little mommy & child interview floating around the web that i decided i want to do with my kids each year as they start school. i decided i'd video it rather than write it, since a. i love videos, b. they don't take up physical space in my house, and c. my printer is out of ink. here's our little pre-schooler:

despite being a little guy, nash has grown so much over the summer i can't even wrap my head around it. suddenly things have just clicked for him and he's writing letters and numbers everywhere, understanding more, and just soaking things up. he seems to really love stories and numbers. he knows more 'book of mormon' stories than i do and has been figuring out addition all on his own. he loves when i quiz him (he uses his fingers to figure it out, but the fact that he even grasps the concept is awesome at this point). he also loves to draw. his drawings are usually variations on pirate ships or buildings, but always include details like plumbing and "in ways and out ways." (thus, the goal to be a "machine maker" when he grows up). growing up is so bittersweet; i'm excited for him to learn and grow and i'm glad i get to watch him do it, but i'm also just a teeny bit sad with every step that takes my kids into the real world without me. i just hope he will be as good as i know he is and that others will see what i see.


when haven and i were driving back home after dropping nash off this morning, she said, "i hope nash is having fun." she was so excited for nash to start school that she packed herself a lunchbox for the car ride.


she was a little sad that she wasn't going, too, but we're looking forward to having some girl time together. i'm also looking forward to life again. i have never been so over everything as i was this last two months. summer in vegas is just way. too. long.

video notes: 
  • nash and i talked a lot about 'being a friend' to get him ready for school. i'm not as worried about him doing well school-wise because i know him; he is a pleaser and he will try his best if for no other reason than to make me and miss heather proud. so i decided i want to focus on helping him learn to be a friend this year. i think being a friend is an art and friendship is something everyone needs. i want him to learn to be a friend to everyone, including that kid that no one else seems to notice or that has knock-off shoes (that's a jab at steven and his turn techs). 
  • i also love how his answer to"what day is today?" was "saturday." he loves saturdays because that's the day dad is home and we get to play with him. and i love that halloween was his second answer because, well, i love halloween. 
  • i also love (and hate) that he can't sit still at all. and that when i ask him questions he always starts to rub his eyes or pick his nose. always. 


gina bina said...

So cute! I LOVE the little hand gestures he uses when he's trying to think of his favorite movie. Such a big kid!

Emilie May said...

Nash is a stud. Always has been and always will be. At least that will stay the same. He just needs to learn how to say "spaghetti," because he has everything else going for him. I think having kids start a school year will be one of my favorite experiences/memories. In the meantime, I'll call Nash and ask him how his day went.

Harris Family said...

james is the only kid not going to kindergarten too- no play dates either- it is hard- wish we were closer. dont move to phoenix if you hate long summers though. today it is windy and rainy and 95 degrees so I put on jeans and a boyfrined sweater. HAHA. Nash is adorable I love the video idea I think I will steal it.

lisset said...

first, ethan and nash apparently have the same wardrobe. which is cool/ weird. second, i miss your kids. and you of course. ps. i would trade vegas summers for utah winters. good luck in preschool nashy!

Mel said...

Adorable. Volcolm is an excellent first day choice Nash!

buddens said...

your kids are seriously sooo cute! my daughter watched the video with me and kept asking who the mom was. apparently she was perplexed because she thought it really sounded like me. too funny, and i couldn't say because i don't think i'm a very good determiner of what my own voice sounds like. anyway, such a cute video and idea. i've thought of doing interviews too but i'm a slacker. the video idea brings the whole interview up a notch so maybe i'll do it that way too.

Emily said...

Too cute!! I'm so glad that E and Nash's schedules work out so they can still play.

He is one handsome dude.

Alifinale said...

YAY for Nash! I love the interview and that it is videoed. I need to do that. Havey is so cute that she is so excited for him.

Kelsie said...

Nash is such a cute little boy! I also think you are a amazing photographer!!!!!!!