happy may day!

in years past we've done fun "may day" things, but this year it snuck up on us. and for good reason! steve had surgery on his shoulder on monday and was home most of the week + we welcomed a new nephew to the family on wednesday (2.5 weeks early)!

i got to be there for the birth and photograph every second of it. alison made it look so easy that i'm considering a vbac for number three. yeah, right. i think the little dude looks just like steve and i can't get enough of him. i forgot how much i love baby boys. okay, i didn't really forget, but its fun to remember just how much i love them. girls are alright, but boys...they tug at my heartstrings. enough to make me think i miiiiiight just want another one. we'll see if i can get my fill with this guy for now, though.


bulkleybunch said...

what an awesome picture!! he's sooo cute!!! and you know you're setting yourself up for another girl don't you?! :) xo

Emily said...

I'm with you...baby boys are just the BEST!!!

How did Steve's surgery go?
I'm so jealous you got to be there for the birth, I so want to do that someday.

I think he looks like ALISON!!!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

oh congrats! i guess that explains Debbi and Brads absence at church today?! hope Steve has a speedy recovery...did he decide which offer to take?