not much is going on over here, so i thought i'd share a few pictures from last week. nash and haven are loving their new baby cousin. haven is unbelievably cute when she holds baby palmer...this soft side of her comes out that i rarely ever see. she pets him, kisses him, sweet talks him and helps him with his binki. it's the only time she's ever been able to just sit still. she's obsessed with babies and the idea of having a baby sister. her favorite thing is to shop for her baby sister*. everywhere we go she is constantly picking things out and telling me she needs it..."for my baby sister, mom!"

a few days ago haven's little friend, carly, was over. haven immediately took carly by the hand and baby-talked her into doing whatever haven wanted. she's a master manipulator and loves to be in charge. i even found her with carly's hand in one hand and her other arm loaded up with all her hair stuff. she was on her way to her room to do carly's hair. as you can see by the above photo hair styling is something we're really good at 'round these parts ;) wide-eyed carly looked like she was unsure about the whole situation but didn't know how to get herself out of it. i intervened and we settled on applying sticker earrings instead.

i'm guessing haven's sweet ways wouldn't last into the crawling stages (when baby becomes a threat) if she actually had a baby sister, but seeing her act like a little mommy makes me feel all warm & fuzzy. and maybe a little scared for "the other guy". haven can be a pretty tough girl, so when i see little glimpses of sweetness and light i die inside. can you believe she turns three this week?! can i still call her "havey baby" when she's three? oh, if only i could freeze time.

*as you know, no baby sister exists. and, no, there is no sister or brother on the way. just clearing that up in case you were starting to wonder.


Alifinale said...

I love how Haven wants to hold Palmer all the time. So cute! And I can just picture the Carly moment you described. Funny girl. Better get her a baby sister (or brother)

HOLLIE said...

yep, i'm with ali, time to get havey a baby brother or sister! :) miss those little rugrats, it seems like forever but it's only been a month since we played. getting excited for the summer. love you guys.