living in vegas

my kids ask me every day to go swimming (followed by whining and crying when i say "no, it's not that warm out"). they have resorted to "swimming" in the tub, complete with swim suits and water wings.


buddens said...

i can't see the second image - it says it has violated photobucket's terms of use. you are scandalous!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

i guess topless 2-year olds are considered porn? i'll edit and repost. so weird.

lisset said...

That censor bar is giving me a side ache from laughter. A little toddlers gone wild. It makes the picture look more scandalous. Stupid photobucket.

hollie said...

haahaaa!!! cute! woke up to tons of snow here in happy valley. ugh. no pro here for now.

J-ROK said...

hahaha! That censor bar is too much. You are DEFINITELY going to mommy blogger hell ;)

Lance said...

i thought that your con was topless bars before i read the comment. haha.