shiloh visits


this weekend the petersons came down out of the cold mountains for a visit. we hadn't seen them for quite a while (and i'd never even met hazel-now four months old). the kids were super excited to see shiloh. she's one of those friends who calms my kids, rather than get them riled up and feisty. she's just plain sweet. hazel spent most of the trip napping in her sling or stroller, but i managed to get a shot of her (and her bright blue eyes) on our last adventure.

the weather has been amazing, upper-sixties to mid-seventies, so it was the perfect weekend for some fun. we went to springs preserve (if you live in vegas/visit vegas and haven't been-go. it felt like a little slice of heaven.) nash thought the flash flood simulation was "amazing," there were lots of fun things for the kids to do (like seeing how far they could jump-a video might follow this post if i can find my video camera), and the botanical gardens had me reminiscing and missing my glory days at NTBG. oh, and the architecture? don't even get me started...

of course no vegas trip is complete without a visit to the bellagio conservatory, a stroll down the strip (where nash & shiloh may have stolen a kiss or two in front of the "eiffel tower"...they were so sly i couldn't even capture it!), and town square for H&M + yogurtland.

my kids had so much fun it was hard to say goodbye. lisa overheard nash tell shiloh that he would "miss her soooo much" while they hugged. haven has been asking if we can go to utah to see shiloh non-stop. in her words "that was so fun, mom, with shiloh."

and it was.

thanks for the visit, you guys. come again soon!


j e s s i e said...

shorts & short sleeves... sign me up for a vacation!

Harris Family said...

cute pics!! Ive thought about the honey not being vegan too--Im not going to go all vegan though- using dairy products and fish/chicken etc...

What about agave nectar? it has a different flavor and isn't quite as sticky--there is also Steiva-- I think I spelled that right- it is a little expensive and comes granually but you could add water and make it sticky?? you just need something to hold it all together. combined with the flax or egg replacer some of the above might work. I made the chocolate cherry and it it sooo good. I also just made their cashew cheese ball it was good and a little rich. and Im going to use some of their cashew cheese for the walnut meat lettuce wrap- tonight- Im so excited.

Liza also uses prunes and water or dates and water- to make a thick paste- as a sugar substitute -and it is good but potent so you only need a little bit.

Tara said...

Oh, these pictures are so good!
Sometimes I wish my kids had a photographer mom. :)

Alifinale said...

Looks like so much fun. Way more fun than kids throwing up and sick all weekend. Vegas is the best because people visit and weather rocks.

Now I am really ashamed that I still haven't been to Springs Preserve.

naomi said...
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naomi said...

nash's shoes are cool

Laura CaƱate said...

What little hams! I love those kids!

bulkleybunch said...

cute pictures. shiloh is a little clone of lisa. cuteness! how fun for the kiddos, and you, to have a visitor. the vacation house can't come soon enough. ugh. this winter is like all my winters. cold and long and blah. love you.