aargh: nash's 4th birthday party

ahoy!  nash's fourth birthday party (in november...better late than never, right?) was a pirate party (because i'm the boss and i wanted a pirate party. next year nash can have his dream "sewing machine party.").

cap'n nash:

some of the swashbucklers. their moms did a fantastic job dressing them for the occasion.

we took a few photos with the birthday boy (these will eventually be sent with thank-you cards),

played pin the treasure on the map, pass the parrot, and walk the plank,

ate fish & chips, orange slices (no scurvy here!), cupcakes & ice cream cups,

and opened presents (clearly it was very exciting).

nash had a blast and i survived my first real kid party!

{and haven looked pretty cute, too.}

thanks to all you four-year old scalliwags for making nash's fourth birthday such a great event! and to all you moms for being such good sports with the attire + funding such fun gifts!

*please excuse the wacky white-balance in these photos. it's the reason i waited so long to post them. i have been trying and trying to fix it, but i cannot get them right.  i quit. and i've learned never to take photos in my "yard" again.


ty and megs said...

ahoy thar! me thinks this party was darling!

can't wait for next year's sewing machine party!!

Emily said...

So much swashbuckling fun!!
I love the pic of nash and emmers...it's my favorite.

I think the pics are awesome.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

i love that the "tough" pirates are also great huggers!

Laura Cañate said...

Four years old with a mustache? What a man!

Alifinale said...

Yo Ho Yo Ho, Pirates Parties rule! It was so fun and they really were the cutest little 4 year old bunch. Glad to finally see pics!

lisset said...

in that first group shot haven looks like a spitting image of you. uncanny.

jill said...

what are you talking about? these pictures are awesome. i know i have already said this, but i don't think you took me seriously. will you please come and throw my children's birthday parties for me?

oh, and i have to try those chocolate delights below.

Lauren said...

what a darling birthday party - and haven stole the show I think!

bulkleybunch said...

your crappy pictures are seventy billion times better than my best pictures so poo on you! jk love the pics. nash is sooo cute. he is an adorable pirate and haven looks so pretty. darn impressive party there ltb. libby's ghetto pinata and movies 8 party is sooo not worthy.