wishing you a merry christmas

we sent a christmas card out last-minute with the above family photo, so some of you may get it. here we were in our christmas outfits. just imagine some red in there because the color versions are...blah. i've decided that my motto for this year is: "you win some, you lose some. especially when it comes to kids, baking, and taking your own family's photos." at least i keep trying, right? it was dark (inside), the camera was propped on blankets, we took two shots, i used costco + a template which wasn't the color scheme i thought it was, and i sent it late...but i tried, and i did it, and it isn't perfect, and i'm still fine. i think nash's face saved us here. classic boy. he could give mad max a run for his money with those ears. hope you've all been having a wonderful christmas filled with good times, good food, and good company!


merry christmas!


Emilie May said...

oh, nash.

bulkleybunch said...

you came and left!! :( it was so great having you here for christmas! we miss you already!!! xoxoxo

Harris Family said...

they are adorable!! You do good with photos- much better than anything I could pull off. Hope your Christmas was awesome!!