He is born


we went to see a live nativity put on by our church about a week or so before christmas. we did a lot of fun things to get ready for christmas this year, but this night really stands out. the nativity was darn near perfect once it got rolling (after mary fell off the donkey during her grand entrance-good thing she wasn't really pregnant!). the set was amazing, the narration and music was just right (not too cheesy or in-your-face), and the cast was fantastic (mary was beeeeautiful). it was a seriously classy production. aside from the birth of the baby jesus, my favorite part was the "o' come, o' come, emmanuel" procession. it gets me. every. time. partly due to nostalgia from my choir days and then just because it's such a great song. definitely one of my favorites.

the kids loved the angels and the star and getting to pet the donkey and see the baby jesus after the show was over. the peppermint ice cream we enjoyed together afterward was a treat, too.

if you live in vegas this is a "must-do," put it on your list for next year.

*the photo above was taken by a photographer hired to document the production (i'm still trying to figure out the source). rumor has it that it is untouched. isn't it amazing?!?! it looks like a painting! i'd love to get my hands on a print...

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