christmas banks

a few days ago our advent activity was to make christmas banks and discuss chores and helping. we haven't established a household chore system yet (call me lazy) but i figured this was the perfect time to introduce the idea. we used some little gift boxes i picked up on after-christmas clearance last year. we simply cut a slit in the top of each box, taped the bottoms to make them more secure, and called it done. the kids have been earning change for doing things like unloading the dishwasher, cleaning up their toys, saying nice things to each other, taking laundry to the washing machine for me, setting the table, etc. they also lose coins for fighting and asking me for treats at the store (i am sooooo mean). depending on their total earnings come december 21st we'll choose a store and the kids will shop for each other's christmas gift with their money.


Alifinale said...

Cute idea and cute boxes too.

AlexisTexas said...

sweet idea! I think I'll be calling you in a few months to see if you have any pointers on how to go about setting up something similar for our house!