the urge

often when i enter a room alone but know that someone (usually steve) is following me, or whenever i hear the kids say "hey, where's mom?" from another room, i feel this sudden urge to hide. usually it's just in the closet, but sometimes i get more creative.

a few nights ago, while in utah, bevie and i scurried home from holwonder's house after watching a super classy movie about celery ;) as soon as i entered b&d's front door the urge hit me. i took a turn to the right with the intent to hide in the office and scare bevie. except that there was a christmas tree box in the way which i had no way of seeing in the dark. i crashed into/through/over it and fell to the floor. so instead of being spooked, steve came in the house to find me in a bundle on the office floor. laughing and crying. since i was unable to speak for a few minutes he put his "sean spencer, psychic detective" skills to work and figured out what had happened. my big toe still hurts. after pain like that, i wasn't sure i'd ever want to scare again.

but, just a few moments ago i heard nash and haven announce that they were coming to find me and BAM! the urge came back. so i did what any thrill-seeking mom would do. i hid in my closet. nash is the best victim for these tactics. he goes from a simple, "mom? where are you?" to complete meltdown in about three seconds.  as soon as said meltdown commenced i crept out behind him (apparently he has absolutely no peripheral vision), grabbed his waist, and yelled whatever people yell to scare other people (in other words i have no idea how to spell it out). he literally leapt into the air, and had i not been holding his waist he would have, most likely, taken a nose-dive. i laughed, he cried. is that bad to do-oo?

and that's what's going on at our house. a never-ending game of hide and seek.


naomi said...

I love the Lawrence Welks SNL with Jame Franco. It cracks me up. Also, i think this urge runs in your family. Andy had to stop doing that after I ripped some jeans by responding to being scared, and falling on the floor multiple times.

bulkleybunch said...

heehee!!! you are a nerd.