trick or treat



we had such a fun halloween. between the pumpkin patch, the preschool party, the ward trunk or treat, scary movie night, and trick or treating with the cousins i think we covered all our bases. we're really sad it's over. or maybe that's just me. i took down all the halloween decorations yesterday and was depressed the rest of the day. i love, love, love halloween. so much so that i'm already working on next year's costumes. the wheels are a turnin'...

oh, and just because my mom wanted to see, here are a few of the decorations i made this halloween:


1. i added a witch hat + bow to haven's silhouette and a top hat + houndstooth bow tie to nash's. i've got plans to do something similar for christmas, too. 
2. i made the halloween tree using a dollar store plastic urn, black spray paint, and then a little gray paint rubbed over the top for texture. don't you love that chartreuse reindeer moss? i also made a quick & easy glittered "boo" banner + a cute little halloween butterfly shadowbox using graphics from the graphics fairy. i framed that witch there at the bottom but never got around to hanging it (old lady photo here, then i added a cardstock witch hat). 
3. the cute pumpkin was inspired by a craft i saw at michaels. they used funkins but i just glittered a pumpkin light i already had. the hat is made with velvet zebra scrapbook paper and embellished with black boa + a glitter spider. and i, of course, got lots of use out of my black and orange doilies that i love so much. 
4. the wreath was made using a straw wreath and lima beans, a la dana, then a nice coat of pumpkin orange spray paint. i love the orange glitter wreath hook (thank you, target). i then attached some more glitter spiders using pins and used some scrap fabric to hang the wreath from the hook. now that halloween is over i can replace the black & white fabric with a fall ribbon and remove the spiders and i've got my fall wreath done. 


Alifinale said...

You are way ahead of me, haven't even taken down the moldy pumpkin on the porch. I suck.

But Halloween was super fun. I still sometimes have nightmares about demons.

Harris Family said...

love love love the wreath- I want to copy!!! It looks like you guys had a great halloween. Im sad it is over too!! Im having family over for thanksgiving this year so I cant rush the christmas decor :(

guess I'll have to go get more turkey stuff:)

Hope your loving Vegas still!

Emily said...

The costumes are all too cute! Poor Havey having to carry around 2 baskets.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

@ em-yeah, right! she was in HEAVEN. she wouldn't let me help her carry anything, even when her treat bag was dragging on the ground. she had a blast. and i was happy to get her good and worn out!

Steph said...

I am totally making that awesome wreath! Actually I want to make everything buy Dave says I need to finish my gardening project in the back yard. Drat.

bulkleybunch said...

super duper martha stewart, holy crap. it made me sad to see the pictures of the cousins. they looked sooo cute together. little inders would have loved being with dorothy, tin man, boots, and dora!! xoxo

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

LOVIN the decorations...you are are better than martha!

Holly & Matthew Blanchard said...

Absolutely adorable! :) I love their costumes and they definitely wear them well. :) SO CUTE!

Can I hire you as my 'craft mentor' pretty please? :) :) LOL

I hope you are well Liz.
Love ya!

Beeta said...

Love all your decorations, you little crafter. See, you didn't even need the pumpkin stand. The kids look sooooooo cute. Sad that we don't live close anymore :(, but good that more cousins live nearby.