primary program

about a month ago nash received his assignment for the ward primary program:

"when i serve my family, i serve god. i can serve my family by _________."

he learned his line in just a few minutes and i'd periodically test him until the time came for him to actually perform. he would change the ending around, sometimes saying things as simple as "being nice," and sometimes he'd go into a lot of detail and list all the chores he could ever do. i was so sure he was going to get up there and wow everyone (not even the eight-year-olds had their lines memorized). first, we filmed a little trial run in the hallway:

then it was time for the actual program. we were't allowed to film, which is really sad because this kid put on quite a show. i was rolling. and just a tiny bit embarrassed. (and why was i the only mom in the room that was laughing/crying?) nash looked like maybe he had a few screws loose up there. rather than sing, he rose up and down on his toes with his arms rising straight out in front of him. over. and over. and over. to the beat. he did sing the last few lines of "follow the prophet." problem was that he sang it louder than all the other children combined and straight into the ear of the kid next to him. "HE KNOWS THE WAAAAAAAY!!!!!"

finally, it was time for him to recite his line from the pulpit. the kid just couldn't hack it. he was so distracted by all the faces looking at him that all he managed to mutter out was something like "serve god...family...do dishes," and then he ran away.

i'm just proud of him for getting up there and doing it at all. i'm still terrified of speaking and have been avoiding the bishop like the plague so i don't get asked to speak!

way to go, mashy bay!


naomi said...

be nice to my havey sister hahaha

lisset said...

naomi stole my favorite line from the video. gosh darnit i miss that kid and the little boy antics when ethan and nash were together.

kaysi fox said...

hahaha what a little sweetheart! that video is so precious!! i love the way your dress your kids! SOOO cute!

J-ROK said...

So cute! Your videos are going to be so wonderful to have in the future... like tomorrow when you need to remind Nash about being nice and doing the dishes!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

so darn cute! my talks always go better in rehearsal too than the actual talk?!

Alifinale said...

Oh I wish we could have seen it. Too bad one of us didn't have church earlier in the day. He looks so cute and I would have been there laughing/crying with you ('cause that was me at our program).

Beeta said...

I so wish I could've seen this. Nash cracks me up. I love that little guy.