emmy + nate {open house}


emmy's open house was on saturday. i'm still recovering from all the hard work. i think it turned out pretty fabulous, but i was so tired by the time it happened that i was pretty lazy about the picture-taking.


  • nate & em made homemade ice cream (pistachio, mango & vanilla) 
  • chocolate-dipped waffle + sugar cones with sprinkles, nuts & rainbow chips 
  • key lime + cheesecake filled cupcakes, 
  • chocolate dipped cookies 
  • lemon + cucumber flavored waters. 
  • twinkle lights + tissue pom garlands + japanese lanterns 
  • an intimate dance party at the very end.

now they're back in arizona doing the newly-wed thing, apparently still in love ;) and we're returning all the crap we didn't use + getting ready for the final phase of our move to las vegas in two weeks (where we'll reunite with bevie). i can't wait to be with just my little family and have nothing to do but be together...


Alifinale said...

Looks so fabulous. How fun! Glad it came together so well. And now back to reality.

kaysi fox said...

wow, BEAUTIFUL!!! you are so creative!! love all of the pictures, especially the one with nash!! so cute!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

is this another one of your brainchilds?...looks fabulous!

gina bina said...

Because I know how much work it takes to pull off a do-it-yourself event like that...I can honestly say that I'd rather hike the Grand Canyon again. KU.DOS.