summer, well...every other day



i'm not sure what's up with this spring/summer so far. it's been super hot and sunny just about every other day, then cool and cloudy on the alternate days. we've been doing our best to take advantage, and i'm sure about one week of relentless (hot) sun will do me in and i'll be wishing it were cloudy again. luckily the kids are in heaven as long as they're outside. have you ever seen a happier boy?


we're headed south for the weekend to see if we can find some sun (and to chaperone emmy and nate ;) have a happy weekend!


Holly & Matthew Blanchard said...

OKAY... you don't have to convince me because I already knew this.... BUT this reminded me once again that YOU are ONE AMAZING photographer ... with a SWEET camera :) GREAT PICS! I love that you can capture bubbles and make the color look SOOOOOOO GOOD in each photo! I hope you are well. love ya!!

bulkleybunch said...

ditto to the post above. the bubbles look so cool. cutest little kiddies. missed you for dinner! xoxo

kaysi fox said...

i feel like havens hair has grown so much since that last time i saw you!!! love the pictures including the post below!! seriously AMAZING!!!!