emmy's shower


a few of emmy's friends and i threw her a bridal shower on saturday. her only input was that she wanted it to be "picnic-y". it was windy and gray so we opted to stay indoors, but i think it was the best indoor picnic i've ever been to.


on the menu:

pulled pork sandwiches on soft rolls with cole slaw
honey ham & swiss on soft rolls with the most delicious mustard/poppyseed pesto i've ever had (i ate mine sans ham and it was still amazing)
great grandma kline's baked beans
potato salad
mexican coke

plus pie & ice cream for dessert and those cute little pie pops were our party favors.


decor included that awesome aqua plastic lace tablecloth that i am still dying over, a sewn paper/ribbon pennant banner, and, of course, my new favorite: paper flowers.

i think it turned out pretty cute and we had a great time. we only planned one activity: the paper dress game. each team had maybe twenty minutes to create a dress made with only tissue paper, toilet paper, and tape. contrary to the judge's final decision, ours was clearly the best dress.



a pleated bodice, v-neck, elbow-length sleeves, a hi-low with a bustle, a french-inspired veil, flower detailing, AND we had a professional seamstress on our team (not to mention a professional model. gosh, i have the worst posture ever and could i look more like my brother? it's andy in a dress! in my defense, this is not my "normal" face. at least i don't think so...). yet we didn't win? i'm not mad about it or anything, really.

AAAAaand finally, the presents. guests were asked to bring a gift that coordinated with an assigned movie. it was pretty fun to see how people interpreted this. let's just say em made out with some good stuff. (the rosary was from the gift inspired by "the sound of music" and the book is from the gift inspired by "amalie," which may or may not have been my assignment. just keeping it real.)


she's got a LOT of reading to do...good thing nate is far, far away...


Emilie May said...

am i really this ugly? wow. at least the party looked good.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

apprently it runs in the family. both "being ugly" and "not realizing how ugly we are." bwahahaha. this is why i haven't taken/posted a photo of myself since...december?

kaysi fox said...

what a darling party!! you are so creative liz!! i love your blog!! :)

kaysi fox said...

oh & your hair is so cute!!! i sware it wasnt like that last time i saw you!! :)

Melissa said...

This is absolutely splendid. I love it! What a great friend you are. :)

sheena said...

1. amazingly awesome party, as usual.
2. that dress?!! What!! It is so cute! did you tear it to shreds when you were done....or can I borrow it for sunday?
3. I love the rosary and the book together in the photo. really great combo.

Jewels said...

Shut up, Liz. Pleats?!?! Are you kidding me? I want to order that dress - tissue or fabric, I care not, it's gorge! And you so should have won. Psh, you won as far as I'm concerned, especially in that fancy hat...

buddens said...

How did I not comment on this? I saw it before and even came back for further inspiration. Sorry. I love it all! Do you know where that aqua plastic lace tablecloth came from? I love it! And with a daughter with a near 4th of July birthday, I could use this party theme for years to come!