birthday backpack

toddler backpack front
haven loves "bapacks". and "fufwies". i remembered spotting e's backpack a while back and after a quick review i knew just what needed to be done. a special butterfly backpack for her birthday. i'm hoping havey will love it. i love the way it sort of resembles a ladybug (above).

toddler backpack back
this was a quick nap-time project. i used coordinating freebird by momo for moda fabrics purchased here on etsy (except i ordered brown butterflies instead of red butterflies) and this tutorial/pdf pattern here (and i added a loop to hang the backpack up when not in use).

edited to add: i've had a few questions about the interfacing i used. i used pellon 809 decor bond, which is a firm iron-on backing. i wanted the backpack to hold it's shape because i knew it would frustrate haven if it fell into itself.

toddler backpack side
now it's stashed away until her special day. nash keeps telling her about it when he thinks i can't hear him, but i don't think she'll catch on. let's hope i can keep it a secret...i'm never very good at that. 


Beth O said...

Love this! I can't quite believe that it was a quick naptime project though ;)

p.s. this is J-ROK on her mama's computer

lisset said...

it looks freaking fantastic. and i love the loop you added at the top. the little buddy has totally outgrown his so i think it's time for another... what interfacing weight did you decide on?

jill said...

so cute. ill have to make one for wyatt. i wonder if he will keep it on?

AlexisTexas said...

sooo cute!
I love that you made it, and it makes me long for stable and predictable naptimes...it's soon I can feel it.
Havey will love it.
Miss you!
PS. how did we get ZERO pictures of us or the kids while we were there?!? you are a photographer!

Alifinale said...

Oh, I love it! Turned out so cute. I want to make one for Sage. She is so into backpacks as well. She screams it whenever Dora is on. Well done.

bulkleybunch said...

pretty amazing handi work there ltb! how do you have the ambition for all these projects?

jill said...

just made this for wyatt, mine definitely didn't turn out as nice as yours did. maybe my interfacing wasn't stiff enough? but its pretty floppy, and I had to put pleats in the corners bc I couldn't get it to match up evenly. it was driving me insane.

Rachel said...

I love that backpack! So cute!

Cassie-Lyn said...

I love this packpack!

I want to follow you but ca not find where to do so...?