valentine party

the kids went to a fun little valentine party at shiloh's house this week. nash worships shiloh. every time they hang out he talks about her for days. she's such a cutie. they started out by decorating valentine boxes. this was serious business (my kids may or may not have been the only ones eating fighting over glue and other supplies).


next, they frosted, decorated, and devoured sugar cookes. haven did more devouring than she did frosting or decorating.




nash and shiloh shared some hugs. haven tried to get in on the action with shiloh but her silent pleading did her no good. she doesn't like to talk around strangers, unless she's screaming.


next was valentine distribution. nash passed out fun-dip and haven passed out tootsie pops. i was really creative;) finally, the kids watched through the window as the garbage man picked up the trash. the perfect ending to a perfect party.

and isn't haven's little valentine dress the cutest thing you've ever seen?! thanks, mom!


Emilie May said...

i have a picture when i was a bit older than nash where i'm looking out the window like that... watching you go off to school. i was so jealous. farewell, pigtails. farewell.

AlexisTexas said...

oh. i. love. her pigtails. when did they both get so big and old? I can't stand missing it all.
They are so insanely adorable. and she's not a baby anymore!
i can't believe it.
The car seat cover is so awesome-well done you. I want to see the rest-take a picture! do it! i love it---that pattern did sound like a lot of work tearing that thing apart. would you do it again?
i wish i was having a balentime's party with you and the munches. miss you.

J E S S I E said...

You read my mind.. yes that is the cutest dress I've ever seen :)

Alifinale said...

Such a cute dress. Looks like a fantastic party. Love the pictures. Sad you weren't here yesterday to decorate cookies with us.

jill said...

haven always looks so cute. and nash??? you might want to consider getting that kid in to modeling. he could bring in some serious cash.

gina bina said...

I don't blame Nash...Shiloh is a looker :) Havey's dress is adorable!

bulkleybunch said...

love all the pics! and there's nothing wrong with tootsies and fun dips, in fact, that's super awesome in my book!