tulip tree_feb_w copy
the boy is all bundled and playing with trucks in the backyard. the booger catcher still in full force, still coughing. but he's happy.

haves is sleeping (she's been doing that a lot lately. sleeping and singing.).

the crocuses are peeking up. the tulip tree's buds are swelling. i'm dreaming up my backyard garden,

baking bread, cleaning, reading.

the sun is shining. we can leave the back door open and it will stay light till after dinner.

spring is coming...


p.s. sending good vibes out for b.f.f lisset who is having a baby right this very moment!


stevie bevie said...


stevie bevie said...

Spring is the best!!!!

stevie bevie said...

Pretty pictures!

Emilie May said...

i agree with steve.

Lillian said...

Wish I could say spring is in the air here, too. Connecticut has loooong winters and I need some warmth right about now. Lovely photos.