happy valentine's day

valentine treats 2009_01
valentine treats_2009_02

we started our morning with heart-shaped pink chocolate chip pancakes and milk. nash said that valentine's day is about treats and making treat bags. i think it's about treats, love and an acceptable time to put pink and red together.

we're making chicken tikka masala tonight for the very first time (vegetable for me, of course. i don't know why i feel i have to keep reassuring you that i'm not eating meat, except for that one time when i sampled steve's steak fajita and he busted me for it on the internets. seriously, it was like 1/10th of an ounce.) wish us luck!

hope you are all having a happy valentine's day. staying warm, snuggling in bed and eating yummy food, too!

photos from last year: chocolate dipped newman-O's. 


bulkleybunch said...

sure hoping some of those treats are headed my way!!!! happy love day to you!!!

Alifinale said...

Treat making is half the fun. Valentine's Day was good. In a few weeks we will see how good it really was!

gina bina said...

YUM! Let me know how your Tikka Masala turns out :)

Steph said...

Cute pics! Nash looks so much like Steve, it's crazy! You should try the chicken tikka masala recipe from allrecipes.com. It's my favorite, we make it weekly!