for missie miss

we could use a third...

emmy and i had a high-schoolesque sleepover last night. shopping, facials, and a LOT of fun with photobooth. this may be all we are willing to share-last night's footage was a leeeetle scary (think gangy gets a face-lift scary). and if you're wondering what i'm saying, i don't know either!


we also woke up really early and got all gussied up for this. a photo shoot for a photographer shooting stock images.

can you find us?


Mel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA dudettes. that made me miss you so much. I love it!! I'll be making a solo project back. Be on the lookout.

and #42, 43 in the theater? so cool!

J-ROK said...

This is so awesome! I am in desperate want of a sister sleepover now :)

p.s. I didn't find you, but I see Mel has done the hard work for me :)

gina bina said...

{giggles} You two are hilarious.

bulkleybunch said...

a much needed gno! exactly what i need about now. you two are lucky to have eachother. ber, i'm lucky to have you! love you, love everyone.

Alifinale said...

Fun times. I love it.