hello 2010

and goodbye 2009. here's the year in review:

ltb turns 28 and has not one photo to prove it (score!), which is funny since she got her new camera...

ltb ceases taking photos of her own children and family and begins taking pictures of others, leaving her with no photos for the month of february. oops.

or march

four year anniversary, havey's first easter, and vacation house!

havey baby turns one

cross-country road trip (and nash potty trains), ltb gets to wear an eye patch, ms bike tour

the dog days of summer: living poolside and long walks in search of sprinklers (nash):

the beeves turns 28 and shows up his nieces with his shimmy skills:

ltb finally caves and gets her utah driver's license (ten years after moving to utah):

little garden gnomes take over the streets of orem:

nash turns 3:

a merry little christmas

all in all, it was a good year. we're hoping 2010 is a little more kind in the way of health and wealth, but we can't complain. we are fortunate to live where we do and be surrounded by the people we love (and get visits from the ones who don't live nearby).

happy new year!


lisset said...

i'm digging the christmas pic. although i'm noticing that nash's shirt isn't exactly the one you intended? miss you guys. ready to be back to our playing (aka sitting around and letting the kids run wild) ways.

Nick Fox said...

yeyyy, what a wonderful year! you look as gorgeous as ever! we still need to take family photos from you! maybe we can shoot for valentines day cards? last resort. :) we did it last year so it could be way cute! ill text you and see when is good for you maybe within the next few weeks...

Nick Fox said...

ps. this is kaysi...i must be logged on to my husbands blogging account.

naomi said...

I hope you get nothing but good news back from the neurologist. GO 2010!

Alifinale said...

I love the year in review. What a year. Hope this one is even better especially since it will bring you closer to us. Happy New Year!

How sad would you be if I wanted to copy the year in review. So cute.

Chad, Lindsay, May & Oliver said...

I personally love the eye patch, I don't think anybody else could pull it off as well as you did! I hope 2010 brings you some happy health, and a little wealth definitely doesn't hurt :)

Lauren said...

Love the year in review! Your kids are so so so cute.