activity advent

can you believe tomorrow starts december? i can't. this year has absolutely flown by. when i woke up this morning i actually panicked thinking i had been in a dayquil-induced fog and somehow missed the start of december. phew, i "woke" up just in the knick of time. with barely enough time to whip up our activity advent calendar. this is a new tradition for us and i'm so excited about it! i downloaded a free calendar here and then wrote the activity for each day on the inside flap. some of our activities include (more ideas here):

make a snowman, watch the snowman, read snowman books
drink hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows
visit temple square to see the lights
zoo lights ($2 on thursdays in december!)
ice skating/sledding
wrap gifts
make and deliver cookies
make and decorate gingerbread house
pick out an "angel" and purchase/wrap/donate a gift
decorate the christmas tree, listen to manheim (it's tradition) and read christmas tree books
concert on temple square
the elf on the shelf
visit santa
letters to santa
leave cookies & milk for santa and carrots for the reindeer
open christmas jammies
special christmas dinner with just our little family before the whole-family-get-together

happy december! christmas is in the air!

oh, and as always, the christmas blog is still up and (barely) running. if you'd like to contribute, let me know in a comment and i'll add you.


lisset said...

yeah. i'm feeling a little "what the christmas?!" myself. where did this year go?

Alifinale said...

I love the calendar. I had a friend that did the activities in a jar and each day they picked one. I wanted to do that but I think I like the calendar better so thanks. I love that Christmas time is here!

M. Kasch said...

Advent calendars are big in the Orris family. I've made one out of felt pockets that hangs like a banner. It's reusable- that's the good thing. But the one you've found is adorable. I think this year, I'll have two!

MrsPebs said...

I just decided I'm making one this year... thanks for the motivation!! :)

Melissa said...

That is such a cute idea

sheena said...

LOVE this!!!

Our advent is starting.....tomorrow.. December came way too quickly!!

Lauren said...

oh cute calendar! Is it too late for me to do it? That's sorta me in a nutshell... catching on late!

love your activities and love that artwork that Nash did. What a talent. I'm sure as a parent you think all your child's work is brilliant, but what a thrill when it actually IS!