today i'm


hollywood juice cafe's prized tomato basil soup for tomorrow's halloween road rally (i am sooooo excited!)

costumes for me and steve: think fleece, styrofoam, and pipe cleaners. any guesses?

halloween cake pops for saturday's party


to monsters sing about a town called halloween! (my spooky playlist here)

to nash ask me "what skeletons say? what ghosts say? what witch say?"

to haven saying "iwantha" over and over whilst pointing at the candy jars...

which are nearly empty. we've now consumed 3 bags of candy corn taffy and a ton of assorted chocolates.

because november 1st is the start of "healthy liz: phase 2." no candy* or soda. which, of course, means i've been eating nothing but candy and soda for the last two weeks. phase 1 (no meat) has been a smashing success-i haven't even been tempted by the meats. thank you, thank you.

now, off to create some more halloween magic!

*with the exception of a minimal amount of chocolate based on specific guidelines.


Stacy said...

I made cake pops today too! The almond bark worked wonders! Thanks for the help! Happy Halloween!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

I forgot about that soup! I need to get the recipe from you if you will share it! Hope things continue to look up for you and the family. You are in our thoughts!

Alifinale said...

I love Halloween. I can't wait to see your costumes. I am sad to say our costumes are not turning out as fabulous as I had hoped. I still got one more day to make snake hair. Cross your fingers.

I need that soup recipe. That is one of my favorites and have yet to find the best recipe.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

you have my curiosity up...hope we will see you down in our neck of the woods this weekend as i always look forward to your costumes! Can I please have your tomato soup recipe...I have been looking for a great TB soup!

naomi said...

I love candy. There are too many delicious chocolate bars here for me to start Healthy Phases. May the force be with you this November.

sarahbclark! said...

good for you, liz. hmm, all healthy phases for me must coincide with the abundance of various fresh fruits, specifically peaches and cherries. and cheaper prices on produce.

and i'd like to hear how you answer all nash's halloween questions! ashton used to ask stuff like that all the time at that age!