the daytime adventures of L & L

hooray hooray for real, live, unemployed friends! Roo+L & E moved to the big city a few weeks ago and it's been so nice to have someone to hang out with. someone else who has an almost-3-year-old and who has a very tight budget, nonetheless. we've been enjoying our time with them lately, including but not limited to:

  • play dates where the boys are so loud and unruly that L and i can't get a word in,
  • leading to many, many unfinished conversations;
  • lunches that result in big, big messes and maybe some time-outs,
  • toddlers (mostly nash) who think hitting is a good way to show affection,
  • broken stuff, crashed heads, hurt feelings,
  • (way too) many hours of kid's TV-time just for a chance to breathe,
  • trips to the toy store that end in nothing but tears (again, mostly nash) as we pry toys from hands,
  • nash's first toddler-to-toddler hug that didn't end in a screaming fit
wow, sounds like a blast, right? let's just say the kids take some good naps after playing together. and no matter how much fighting, nash still wakes up every morning asking for ethan to come over. welcome to the hood, s family!


lisset said...

aw. i'm touched. i love you guys. and if you go anywhere, i'm going to kill you.

♥azchristies♥ said...

Sounds like a blast!

Alifinale said...

Oh how fun! Seriously, having someone to play with during the day is so worth the toddler fights. Fun times for you guys.