argh, we're back!

after another long drive across country, the kids and i are finally home! we got here at three in the morning on thursday. steve and i got to have the weekend to ourselves since my mom was here, so we went to see 'the hangover', went out for sushi, bought a bag of riesens and watched 'the dark night' in bed in our hotel room, enjoyed each other's company (if you know what i mean), slept in, went to the farmer's market and bought delicious cherries, went to 'the proposal', then had cafe rio for dinner and enjoyed each other's company a little more.

it kind of made me miss our young and married without children days (those didn't last long). it also made me miss patch-free days-i can't believe how many people ask me what's wrong with my eye! how do you make a long story short? well, em and i devised a plan: when asked what happened to my eye from now on, i will lift my patch as i say "oh, it just acts up sometimes" and then a marble that i store inside the patch will fall to the ground as emilie says "bwohooohahah" (you know, sort of like the way large marge says it in pee wee's big adventure?). i also need to increase my pirate-joke repertoire, so if you have any good ones send them my way!

BUT, all good things come to an end-my mom flies back to pennsylvania tomorrow. which is when i will probably start to worry again, so if you want to bring me dinner or take my kids away, please don't hesitate! just let me know you're taking the kids...living in the ghetto makes me terrified that they'll be snatched up the second i turn my back, so i might call the police if you don't give me a heads up!

and a few nash-isms from the trip, just to make you snicker:

when it was nearing bedtime on the road, i asked nash to say his prayers so he'd know it was bedtime:

nash: dear hevny fadder, not go bed!

mom and nash in the same stall of a gas station bathroom while making one of our many potty stops along the way:
mom: squatting over the toilet taking care of some business
nash: good job mama! push one more time...you did it!
lady in the stall next to us begins to laugh
nash (totally excited): huh, grandma goin potty!?!?!

i guess you know what i tell nash as he goes to the bathroom, huh? it's funny how i don't realize the repetitive things i say until nash starts saying them. in public.


Lauren said...

oh I'm glad you're home... and your weekend 'away' sounds so nice! I hope you continue to be well

jill said...

that was kind of a perverted post liz. i thoroughly enjoyed it. and am totally jealous you got a weekend away, and were able to see a million movies.

Alifinale said...

You survived another cross country trip! Wow! And thanks for the FULL recap of the weekend events - really jealous of the movie going and kidlessness. How nice. (BTW, did you like the Proposal? I laughed so hard - but I wasn't sure if that was the pizookie talking or if the movie really was that funny).

Loved the Nashism and the marble patch joke. Seriously, I too, never realize how much I say something until it starts coming out of these little copycats mouths.

Harris Family said...

you are too funny- any line from pee wee herman is a classic!! Let me come take your kids or lets all play together soon-- I get the same kid-free attention tonight and tomarrow-yeehaw

+L said...

if you can hold out until august, i'd be more than happy to take the little monsters. ptherwise, glad to hear you are back home safe and sound! and definitely glad to hear you had a lovely weekend. looking forward to hearing how fruitful it was. you know i love you, but in this instance i might be tempted to knock you square in your non-working eyeball. hugs!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i am selling kits to grow your own fresh herbs, and baking mixes.

i posted some pictures this morning. check it out.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

thanks liz! i will save you some for sure.
good luck on the ms bike tour!

Stacy said...

What a good mom! Hope you are starting to feel better!

Helen said...

haha I can't get enough of Nash

sarahbclark! said...

we had a kid-free week recently and i totally think every parent needs time like that once in awhile.
love nash's prayer!

Melissa said...

Geez, I'm the slacker, just barely reading your blog. Havey's party looks delicious. Did you make all that stuff? How are doing?