the end?

what do you get when you combine 1.) a computer that really wants to sleep. a lot. so much that i'm lucky if it'll even wake up once a day, 2.) four completely full memory cards* from assorted cameras containing documentation of two cute kids and all the super-cool stuff they/i do (?), and 3.) poverty?

*remember, my computer won't wake up, so i can't actually do anything with these pictures! and i can't take any more! unless i were to buy some more memory cards, which is where point 3 comes back to bite me.

you get nothing. that's right, nada. i'm sure you've noticed, but it's been slim pickin's around here. no blogging for me.

so i thought i'd make a quick comment: i am alive. and really, really cold.


buddens said...

Oh, law school and the poor house. It bites. I'm trying to think of a creative way you could get your pics uploaded, but all my ideas sound like gigantor pains in the rear. Like you could upload them all to Flickr using a public library computer (do they let you do that sort of thing?). But then when you wanted them again, you'd have to download them to your computer, which would likely be a pain. Or just win some money.

Harris Family said...

sucks- we have the most ancient computer ever - so I totally know. I know I would be better at pics/blogging if I could up load more than 3 pics at a time. Maybe you could burn them to CD's??

Alifinale said...

Glad you are alive. Sorry your computer is so lazy. Come down here and get warm.