jessie tagged me to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of my photos. unfortunately, i backup my photos monthly and then delete them from my hard drive, so this isn't a blast from the past or anything crazy like that (although if someone double dog dares me i just might post my sixth grade picture). i've been practicing with my new camera and lenses and this is my favorite from the batch of little graham who was visiting last week. his eyes kill me.

{stay back, little ladies, he's betrothed to haven. as is owen and caleb. we have to keep our options open, but we're still staking claim on all of them till further notice!}

now i tag sheena, +L, emmy may, and j-rok


Jess said...

I will go ahead and triple dawg dare you! =) I would love to see it. Did you have a perm with straight bangs like me? haha

buddens said...

Double dog dare.

AlexisTexas said...

i will second the dare, and add a quadruple...although i may have seen it already-the red glasses? i would love a good laugh though so please refresh my memory. unless you're chicken!
Thanks again for hosting us two days of our trip...feeding us, photographing us, watching graham, etc. I love you and miss you already and can't wait to see you again. When will that be?!?
i love love love the pictures. screw the pants rolled up shirtless kid photos...i'll pay you $150 any day for your skills!

Laurie said...

Double dog dare!