snow days

chase & nash

indie (the most photogenic girl on the planet)

hollie & indie


alison & emery


fake smile

lizzy & libby get some sweet air

girl train

havey's first run

brr brr brittany

libby lou



bulkleybunch said...

grandpa is a nightmare!! i love it! you got some great shots lizzy the photographer! indie is photogenic about 20 percent of the time these days, ahhhh! thanks for all the fun times, happy freakin holidays to ya! love you.

Alifinale said...

Oh the fun times! Now will you send me these pics so I can blog the exact same thing. I love all these sledding pics!

Miss you guys already!

Harris Family said...

so cute!! We need to go sledding- it looked like a perfect day. Jealous! I would love the snow more If I did stuff in it. Nash is sure cute- love the fake smile. Were you in Orem??

Melissa said...

Looks so fun. I'm so jealous. Any movement makes me sick, ugh

jill said...

Oh the snow, how I don't miss it! You guys make it look fun though! I'm in denial and keep telling myself it doesn't snow in NY!

Beeta and Peeps said...

I love all of these pictures (obviously, since I stole them and put them on my blog). It makes me kind of sad to look at them though because it's all over :( Sorry about the early Bday text. Just remember, JP and I are tired and delusional right now. I KNEW the 7th just didn't sound right, but JP insisted. I suck lately with birthdays. I will have to make it up to you.

PS I haven't commented in awhile and I must say Havey Baby is such a sweetheart in her little christmas dress and the hat Emilie gave her. I think I need an Auntie em :) And the santa pic is a classic keeper!

Mel said...

liz..did you change earrings mid sled adventure?

{lizzythebotanist} said...

wow-good eye! we actually went sledding two days in a row. and apparently i wore different earrings each day. funny that you noticed that!