that's how nashy-the-scuba-man wooed the ladies on halloween night. followed by a "thank you" and a "welcome", of course. (he thinks he needs to say 'welcome" now, too, since i say i to him after he thanks me.). or maybe it was his big "bapack" and black spandex...

From halloween 2008

From halloween 2008

From halloween 2008

{shiloh the rooster}

From halloween 2008

{oinkin' on candy-wrappers too!}

From halloween 2008

From halloween 2008

this was the first in four years that i haven't been in orem trick-or-treating with the bulkley bunch. we got on the freeway and the traffic was insanity. that and thinking that nash wouldn't give a rip if he went trick or treating made us turn right around. we called up the petersons and crashed their neighborhood. and a good choice it was. i LOVE their street. tons of younger families, but not like the "other" young utah neighborhoods. they all went full-throttle on halloween decor. it was a perfect night. the weather was amazing- warm, a light breeze and a few raindrops. lisa's street is lined with huge sycamores and at one point i watched this little group of witches and goblins scurry amongst the leaves to cross the street and a rush of nostalgia came over me. and then i realized that nash and haven have all this to look forward to. awesome-because halloween is the one holiday i'm not sure i could do without and seeing my kids love it as much as i do is the icing on the cake.


Diane CaƱate said...

Go Nashy bay! Trick-o-treat!

Alifinale said...

I wish I could have heard his twootweet. Looks like fun times. Halloween is so much fun and even better with little kids.

bulkleybunch said...

we sure missed you! :( twoottweet is the cutest. glad to hear it was a success. my kids rebelled and wouldn't go as their designated character, little butt heads.

fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR said...

i'm sure the rooster really appreciates you picking such a becoming picture- or are you just trying to make your kids look better against her interesting expression?

Melissa said...

Your kids are so gorgeous. I'm glad you guys had fun

Lisa P. said...

I think the fishy may be my all-time favorite baby costume. I am so glad we got to take the kiddies trick-or-treating together. You are welcome to crash our neighboorhood for any holiday.