the end of halloween

okay, my final halloween post. i was just waiting for someone to post a good picture, and i think this is as good as it's gonna get. steve and i were (surprise!) scuba divers. can't get much easier and it fit the theme. and it's always fun to wear spandex, right? how bout a little girl's turtleneck as well? alright, it was slightly uncomfortable, but well worth it.

we went to a halloween party/road rally saturday night with a big group of friends. what is a road rally? i didn't know either-i thought i had been introduced to all aspects of utah culture years ago, but apparently this escaped me. until now. and it was a blast. teams of five headed out all over utah valley in search of various haunted locations. we were guided by stories filled with clues and gps locators for a few spots (except that one story that didn't have any clues. and no gps. only an sms text that we didn't get). once the haunt was located, members of the group were forced to do horrific things. okay, not really, but some of the wusses in the party thought they were pretty scary. for example, we located the final resting place of one of ted bundy's victims and had to lie in the spot and take a photo. we combed many cemetarys, ran through the woods, and drove way past the speed limit. it was a thrilling night!


bulkleybunch said...

wow, are these the kind of people that play dungeons and dragons too?(no offense bri bri) you looked hot in your scuba pants!!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

...and I thought your kids were adorable!? Like kids, like parents I guess?! Could Art and I borrow your costumes next year...LOL!