christmas cards

i always make my own christmas cards, but this year i was feeling lazy, so i thought i'd check out the available pre-made designs out there. and (surprise, surprise) i didn't really like any. and the few i did liked didn't work with my photo choices. back to the drawing board, BUT instead of creating just one card for my family, i've now created several fully customizable options that i'm also offering to you for purchase. {details below}

* monogrammed circle can also be replaced with an additional photo.

*damask square can also be replaced with an additional photo.

*photo collage can contain 1-4 photos (layout will change depending on number)

here's how it works:
  • choose a layout from the above selection. all cards are 6 x 7.5". all colors and text can be changed to fit your photos/needs. OR i can create a completely custom card for you using your photos and any ideas you may have (or i can just come up with something that works with the the photos).
  • i'll create your custom card within 48 hours (most likely faster).
    • delivery option 1: i print-you can pick up the printed cards
    • delivery option 2: i print-i mail the printed cards to you
    • delivery option 3: you print-i send you the file and you print the card yourself

the cost for cards created with one of the five templates is $34.99+tax for 50 cards (includes envelopes) and $5.99+tax for additional sets of 25 ordered at the same time. cost of digital file only is $15.

if you'd like an entirely custom design, the cost will be $44.99 +tax for 50 cards (includes envelopes) and $5.99+tax for additional sets of 25 ordered at same time. cost of digital file only is $30.

cost of shipping will depend on destination/weight, as determined by USPS.

i will gladly accept paypal, cash, or check. instructions will be included in your order confirmation email.


Melissa said...

I am so impressed with your creativity. They look so good. Nice work.

Me... said...

Your family pictures and these cards are so cute! I like her photography! super super cute!

fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR said...

your family pictures are killer. and you're christmas cards ain't bad either. maybe if you had your arse in gear like 2 weeks ago i could have ordered cards from you instead of killing myself putting our cards together. :)

{lizzythebotanist} said...


yes, i know. although, in my defense, i wasn't really planning on doing this. it just happened because i was bored and obsessed at the same time today. bad(?) combo!

you done throwing up yet?

J-ROK said...

I can't believe you can do this stuff! Your cards are as great as I've seen this year. Once I have a baby- I'll be contacting you for Christmas cards!

Jess said...

Excellent job! Not surprised at all!

AlexisTexas said...

super cute. I can't wait for another ps lesson from liz! haha...seriously though-now i can't wait to get one of yours in the mail...did you keep yours for yourself or are you sending out one of those gorgeous options?

jill said...

so cute! you are very talented. and your blog always looks so adorable may i add.

Laurie said...

Dammit woman - I just ordered mine on Snapfish and like yours way better :(

bulkleybunch said...

nicely done! once again, i'm impressed! i feel so inadequate! ahhhh! i don't even have a decent family pic to use.

melbo said...

Boy am I glad I'm a slacker and haven't ordered our cards yet! Your cards are way hotter and cheaper than Shutterfly. I'll be in touch!

sarahbclark! said...

i am totally buying cards from you next year.