anderdunc's zion national park vacation

we took a weekend getaway to st. george/zion national park last weekend. it was awesome. steve and i kind of like eachother again (!) and the duncans were great company. and when no kids are involved, well, we could do what we wanted. can't put a price on that.


{we're engaged!}

{we're in a band!}

{taking it easy before the real hike starts. you know, the part with sheer cliffs on both sides and chains with which to brace yourself.}

{me & the bevie. in love.}

{the bradleeduncans}

{lizzy & gina bina pretending to be able to breathe.}

{the summit. the peak. the top. the view. hurrah!}


{the anderduncs at the upper emerald pool}

{the great valley!}

{time to say goodbye. with a little seduction?}

trip highlights:
  • no kids
  • taking showers without rushing because of a crying baby, knock on the door, etc.
  • shaving & tweezing & lotioning
  • eating slowly in peace
  • staying up late & sleeping in
  • good talks
  • cuddling with bevie
  • waking up with a hickey from bevie, uh-huh.
  • sleeping in the car and not having to binki/bottle/feed/change kids along the way
  • not having to binki/bottle/feed/change kids at all
  • coming home to my nash who grew three inches and added a hundred words to his vocab
  • feeling carefree & hopeful about the future because bevie got a job!


bulkleybunch said...

nicely posted! i love the "in love" pic of you two. plus you and gina make a darn cute couple yourselves!! looks like you had lots of fun. wahoo.

Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun! I love those kinds of trips.

gina bina said...

Thanks again for supplying the place to stay free of charge. Can't beat that.
We do make a pretty hot couple, thanks for noticing Hol!
We should do it again soon.

Alifinale said...

100% pure jealousy. Love the pics, love that you got a break and love that you and Steve like eachother again.

fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR said...

it was fun to hang while you guys were in town- do come again. the george is so much more lively when we have friends... sad, but true.

Holly & Matthew Blanchard said...

What an awesome trip! :) It looks like you both had such a wonderful time. You deserve it!!! :) You look awesome :)

chad, lindsay, & may-may said...

Ahhh, that's the one thing I can say that I miss about Utah. We loved camping and hiking down south, I'm so jealous!

Jewels said...

What a fun trip! You are hilarious, I love the band pictures....genius. When does your album come out?

Melissa said...

Looks like so much fun, good for you guys. It's refreshing to get away with your man, and sounds like you had a great time ;-). Congrats on the job. Yay! Where is he going to be working?

Kristi said...

WOW!!! Steve got a job already??? That's awesome. Lets get together and celebrate next week. That is so great. I start work on Wednesday, yay for job offers in a crappy economy. I am jealous ya'll went to Zions. I was trying to get Kingston to go with me last week, gotta love Angel's and Outlook point. Fun fun!

jill said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you and Steve got some time to hang with each other, and get some hickeys!