holwonder tagged me ages ago, and until alison (who was also tagged) posted her tag today i totally forgot. let this be a reminder to my fellow bloggers: i abhor these things. as lucille bluth put it, "if that's a [tag for me], i won't hear it and i won't respond to it." but the kids are sleeping, so what the hay. if you are bored, enjoy. otherwise, skip away-i won't be offended.


  • my family, especially seeing nash as a sweet, helpful big brother.
  • summer: sunny days, sleeping in, bbq's and eating outside
  • days where i have time to play with the kids and still cross of my to-do list

  • my kids being kidnapped. and in this ghetto it's not totally unlikely!
  • not being able to raise my children (because of my MS)
  • stevie or one of my kids or anyone i know, really, dying before me

goals (other than to raise happy, healthy, independent kids with sound morals & priorities)
  • to have a real garden next summer
  • to ride my bike enough that stevie isn't mad that he bought it for me!
  • to live "in the now" and quit thinking about "better" days ahead.

obsessions (other than blogging)
  • DI (that's like the Salvation Army for you non-Utahns)
  • black & white cookies
  • house stuff-keeping it clean, home improvement projects, decorating

random surprises
  • i like to skinny dip
  • i HATE when people start their post entries with "so" or "well". like this: "so, today i .." and then it's a laundry list of stupid crap from the day. i stop reading right then and there. or when people say "you know who you are."
  • i really want to have a panic room when and if we ever have a "real" house. sometimes i just want a dark, quiet hole to go into when i'm feeling overstimulated. i think it's something to do with MS because this is a relatively new thing. and when i'm feeling frazzled, all i can think about is the movie "stepmom" where susan sarandon has cancer and smokes weed in her backyard in the winter...the idea itself just calms me down...but i've never even tried the stuff. and unless we move to california and my neurologist prescribes it for me, i likely never will.
just to pass along the dread and anxiety that comes with these things (or is that just me?): fraggle, jrok, & buddens you have been tagged!


bulkleybunch said...

freaking finally. whatever, see if i tag you again. love ya.

The Whatcott's said...

First off I absolutely love your blog. I think you are one of the funniest people ever! Second off, I know this sounds terrible and I guess it is better late then never, but I really need your number or address so I can return your wedding dress...how lame am I? I am so sorry for the delay, my email is RosalieWhatcott@gmail.com Have a wonderful day!

Alifinale said...

I guess you hate me because I am pretty sure I start conversations and posts with "so..." and "well," all of the time. Oops.

Glad I guilted you into this.