nash goes to the zoo

nash's first zoo trip wasn't as exciting as i'd hoped, but hey, at least we got out of the house! we waited until the heat of the day so not only were we dying in the heat, but lots of the animals were hiding. then nash decided he'd rather play with the stroller and eat than look at animals. on top of that, the camera died about a half hour into the visit.

luckily, we've got a year membership to improve on the experience. so while i don't work at a retail store or a restaurant where i can hook you up, at least i can now offer you free zoo admission*!

*"you" refers to one adult and child(children) 2 or under. "you" must actually enter the zoo with me (i know, that part sucks ).


Two Wheeler said...

Too bad I just passed that 2yrs old mark of getting in free.

Amy D. said...

Liz..I have a zoo pass too and will go with you ANYTIME. My kids love the zoo and I just love to get out of the house.

fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR said...

so glad that things with haven have been remedied! you guys were in my thoughts pretty much around the clock... now time to focus on poor baby sage.
fun times at the zoo! maybe one day we'll make it there, but we are losing ground on the under 2= free, so I highly doubt it.