welcome sage!

sage anderson
6 lbs. 7 oz.
18 inches

doesn't alison (my SIL) look so pretty? and what was her doctor thinking telling her she was going to have a big baby?


fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR said...

first of all: YAY!!! for alison!!!
and second: you made me laugh out loud with your little "hint, hint"...
i know, i know- i'm coming around to the idea... slowly, very, very slowly :)

J-ROK said...

Liz- since I love your blog- I've finally started my own :) koskersidlewild.blogspot.com

Priya said...

When did you dye your hair blonde?? ha ha jk.

Alifinale said...

Thanks Liz! I am so glad she is here! Yeah, those ultrasound techs don't know squat!