MS Awareness Week

It's National MS Awareness Week. Since my diagnosis in December 2005, I've tried my best to be a positive advocate for the fight against MS. It's a pretty devastating diagnosis for most people, but there's always two ways to view the world, and I've tried to my best to think positively and share that positivity with others. That doesn't mean I don't have days/weeks/months where I cry my eyes out and wish I was a normal, healthy person. When I'm in the middle of an exacerbation it's pretty hard to think positively-I can't see normally, I'm fatigued, I'm moody, and I panic about not being able to raise my kids. Luckily, exacerbations are few and far between and during the good times I almost forget that I have the disease. It's during these times that I try to make changes that will help me long-term. Things like turning to a vegetarian diet, consistent exercise, yoga, keeping up-to-date on research, and being a positive advocate by participating in fundraising for research and sharing my experience with others. There are lots of ways you can be an advocate too (exciting, right?!). This June, Team Iron Myelin will be again be participating in the MS Bike Tour-Logan event. You can join our team (I'll be doing 30 miles since I'll be 4-5 weeks postpartum, while the rest of the team will probably do 75 {now might be a good time to remind you guys to register as well!}). The team password for registering is: anderson. You can also help by sponsoring our team financially (it's tax deductible!). Even a donation of $5 helps.

There are also several MS walks around the state:

St. George - March 29
Salt Lake City - April 12
Ogden, Provo, Vernal, Cedar City - April 26
Register for WALK MS at www.nmss.org!

Lastly, my door is always open and I love to share my experience to help others. So if you or someone you know has questions or would like to hear about my experience, just let me know!


gina bina said...

My awareness for MS was virtually zilch before I met you, so if it's any consultation you're doing a great job! You are completely entitled to what you call "exacerbations" but from what I've seen you are so positive it makes my brain explode.
We'll be registering for the ride ASAP.

Diane CaƱate said...

On I'm...I'm totally aware! My roommates are doing the MS Bike Race here in D.C. held May 17th-18th.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i would love to help, even if just by donations.

Alifinale said...

Your positivity is inspiring! Way to go getting involved and keeping us all informed.

volcom_LC said...

Thanks for all of the information that you've shared with me Liz! It has made a world of difference while going through this, sometimes frustrating, experience.
You are a great advocate and one heck of a friend! :)

bulkleybunch said...

ms sucks, you rock. love you like crazy! i'm good for a couple dollars so count me in:)

Laurie said...

I love that you are doing the bike for MS thing. I think it's incredible. And Re: your comment, its the least I can do and I'm happy to help.

Chari said...

Did you get my check?? Good luck! It's all about Karma...when I am diagnosed with something, you'll be there, right? (last year it was almost lupus :)
LOL!!! Good lUCK!!!! You rock!