anderson suckfest

holwonder is sick of the pridefest blogosphere, so in order to keep it real she started '20 ways i suck,' now dubbed 'anderson suckfest.' please don't tell me you disagree with any of these things. the point is to be real, not to get pity comments from you telling me how amazing i really am!

1. i hate getting ready for bed. i also hate getting ready for the day. i let my legs get a little too hairy before deciding to shave again.
2. my dad told me that i lack conviction. which is probably true because i'm always concocting brilliant plans that i never follow through with.
3. i hate doing laundry and even though stevie (bless his heart) makes his attempts at it i criticize him for not doing it "the right way."
4. i spend most of the day in my jammies.
5. i vacuum way too much. stevie has stopped telling me when people are going to stop by because if he tells me in advance i have to clean the whole house, which includes vacuuming.
6. i forget to feed my dog. luckily, auntie em knows this and will usually feed lex when she comes to visit.
7. i am a really bad listener. i tune out most of what most people say. this probably has a lot to do with the fact that i think most people are stupid.
8. i can't remember most movies i watch.
9. if there is candy in the house or dessert leftover from the night before it's the first thing i eat in the morning. then i take vitamins to feel better about it. then i eat breakfast. maybe.
10. even though i'm a vegetarian i sometimes sample meat dishes (like adi's homemade cafe rio pork and stevies apollo burger the other day. but just a bite!)
11. i'm really bad at flossing regularly. the poor people dentist yelled at me for that too.
12. i have a hard time thinking of anything to do that doesn't involve spending money. especially when i'm prego and/or it's winter and i can't play outside. and unlike brr and hollie, i can justify paying full price for most anything. i'm too scared to risk the item being gone by the time a sale rolls around.
13. i am mostly a clean freak, but when it comes to my room i CANNOT keep it clean. i cannot make myself put clothes away. (especially after stevie does the laundry and puts the clothes from the dryer straight into a laundry basket and leaves them there to cool into a wrinkled mess).
14. i'm impatient and somewhat of a control freak. i curse stevie under my breath nearly twenty times a day for every little thing he does 'wrong'.
15. i am paler than i've ever been in my whole life, i have gray hair coming in, and i need to bleach my teeth (but i can't cause i'm pregnant). you could say i've let myself go.
16. i'm the least funny member of my family. when i actually do say something funny my siblings make a big hoot about it: "ooh, liz made a funny."
17. i use way too many paper towels and too much toilet paper and my garbage can is always much more full than my recycling bin.
18. i have a stupid disease that i use as an excuse for not doing things way too much.
19. i really don't like going to church and find myself being hypercritical when i'm there. especially in relief society.
20. i kissed 32 other guys before stevie.

i tag: lali, dianecan, laurla, lindsay, michelle, and laurie


Melissa Dummett said...

haha this made me remember living with you. I love you Liz but it creeps me out how similar we've become.

bulkleybunch said...

lizzy, i didn't realize you were such a player!! 32 huh?!! awesome suckfest attempt though not too sucky. love you!

buddens said...

I like the idea -- I had an idea a while back to take pictures of how messy my house was (this was during the sickly days of the first trimester), but I was too chicken to really do it because it really was SOOOO bad.

I'm much the same on your #1,2,3,6, and 11. And I hate your #18 for you.

Lacy said...

I love it. I am in this kick of being really honest about myself and I want people to know the real me.. not the fake one with all my great features so I loved reading this.

Alifinale said...

I hear ya on the control freak thing - it is hard to stand by and watch people do it wrong. And seriously...is vacuuming too much a bad thing? I wish I like to vacuum more. Way to suck though.

chad, lindsay, & may-may said...

me lindsay? you suck!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Love it! I always tell people how I hate on here when people go on about how perfect their lives, husbands, kids, pets, houses, habits, blah blah blah are. It was nice to read a real post and be able to identify with most of the things you listed!! I'm a total control freak and I get mad when Kipp doesn't do things the "right" way... I think it's a female species thing. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

gina bina said...

wow, you do suck.

Diane CaƱate said...

You totally suck..but i suck more. Dianecan.blogspot.com

volcom_LC said...

isn't sucking the best? i mean, i suck all of the time! just glad its becoming popular to do so!
and ps- go #20!

Laura said...

I also suck...check it...lauracan.blogspot.com

Laura said...

I also suck...check it...lauracan.blogspot.com

Laurie said...

I think I suck as bad as you!

Steph said...

I think I would like to meet your family if you are the least funny. They must be REALLY funny. Josh says the same thing though when I'm funny "Oh! That was FUNNY!" like I'm special or something. And I'm with ya on the pride blogosphere :)

Sondra said...

Liz I love this! It made me want to list all the crazy weird and retarded things I do and say. Which would be a long list. I am glad I am not the only controlling person around here, makes me feel a little better for being such a brat.

melbo said...

I was thinking that suckfests like these are just what is missing in Relief Society. Because I also sit in there muttering to myself. I just hate how women try to outdo their perceived images of others. It's unhealthy. So thanks for spreading the suckiness because thats what strengthens sisterhood! And, if it's allowed, I love talking about how much I drool and poop and don't shower so I may just make one of these lists without being tagged.

April, Rob, and Baby James said...

Wow!! WE are way more a like then I could have even imagined- maybe this is why we like each other. Just recently I have really started to get into church. I use like 20 rolls of toilet paper a week, am a total control freak, make rob feel bad all the time for not doing enough when he is so nice, I totally need to bleach teeth and shave legs, the similarities can go on... I like that you are so real I think it is refreshing, Oh yeah I dont feel bad when I swear- only slightly when I use the real four letter word. Good luck with babe coming soon!!

sarahbclark! said...

wow, i'd say 16 out of twenty things completely apply to me too! i think we are frighteningly alike. at least in all the sucky ways!

jill said...

I was going to tell you that you do suck, but it looks like everyone beat me to it :)