fourteen days of love-#8

this is totally lame, but remember i'm trying not to spend too much time blogging? i love costco and i love this new product they carry from sunkist: cara cara oranges. a hint of grapefruity flavor (but not the bitter part), seedless and deep red in color...i can't stop eating them! citrus is that one thing i crave when i'm prego and the good thing is they're good for me! maybe now is a good time for a pregnancy update too-i had my 24-week appointment on wednesday and everything is looking good. we officially scheduled the c-section for may 21st, the baby didn't suffer from my late night spill on the ice saturday night, and i've gained a whopping seven pounds.


Jessie said...

I love good oranges, but find them hard to find... I'll for sure check them out. Thanks!

Jewels said...

Mmmm, oranges are the best! Oh, and how I adore 'Flight of the Concords'! They are so freaking hilarious, I think the song that is 'dedicated to all the ladies in the world' is my favorite.

volcom_LC said...

7 pounds?! Thats it?! I think as soon as I found out I was preggers I gained 20 pounds. You lucky duck! You'll have your beach body back in no time!