baby boomlet

it seems like everyone i know is pregnant right along with me this time around. it's fun and exciting, but there are two friends who have amazing stories who are exceptionally lucky to be pregnant. and it makes me feel better about my pregnancy too-it's hard to have friends who want babies so badly but for some reason or another it just hasn't worked out yet while i, on the other hand seem to be fertile myrtle and get pregnant just by thinking about not getting pregnant. "don't think of an elephant."

so, many many congrats are in order first for steph & josh. these two have been trying for a long long time and spent more money and time trying than anyone should ever have to. they are expecting in july!

second, some friends from back home tried and tried for years then finally decided to adopt. they went through the adoption process and everything was great-just a matter of time before the right baby came along. well, wouldn't you know it, once all the mumbo jumbo paperwork and interviews were over, they conceived! then the adoption agency called with an available baby. it's usually not kosher to have babies so close together when adopting, but they were lucky enough to get an exception. So they just adopted a beautiful baby boy and are pregnant with their own man-child too! the babies will be only a few months apart.

more congrats in order for: brian & alison anderson(haven will have a cousin just two months younger!), brian & jenny mcdonough, matt & jessica callan, jill & sean lloyd, ryan & tiffany sleater, doug & krista robinson, katie & shane corrigan, brian & liz shelley, and stevie & stacey taylor. what a baby boom!

and here's hoping none of our bellies get as big as the one in this picture! unless alifinale is indeed having quadruplets (tease)!


Alifinale said...

I saw that picture and immediately thought...hmmm that is what I will look like in July. Wow, I think I know only a few people who aren't pregnant right now. Pregnancy...it's so Hot right now.

I totally know how you feel when you have friends that try so hard to get pregnant then you just do laundry next to your husband and viola! Congrats to your friends that worked the hardest!

bulkleybunch said...

okay, i have an announcement to make. . . ha ha ha suckers!! i'm not preggers nor will i be for a while. congrats to all you mothers embarking on the suckiest 9 months ever. (don't get me wrong, the end product is sooo worth it-but it sure is hellacious.)

emilie s. d. p. said...

I LOVE what you've done with your blog.
I think I secretly wish I was pregnant. Don't tell Mitch :o)

voLCom said...

Wow- that IS a lot of buns in the oven! almost makes me wish I were fat with child- ummm, not. even though ryan and I fall under the category of "hard to concieve" I am happy to take our time, but you ladies are seriously my heroes.
If only I had your patience!

jill said...

First i would like to say...i love your new page. its so dang cute.

And second, you just scared the shi* out of me. Are you kidding me with that belly?! How many kids are jammed in there?!

emilie s. d. p. said...

I would love to get Clint's info. I'm terrified to get my hair cut so I need to go someone who I can trust. What's his number? ...and how do you think I should get my haircut? Be honest, you know how lazy I am with my hair so I really need a low maintenance style.

Steph said...

Thanks for blogging about us :) We are happy to be part of the baby boom! It feels weird to be on the "pregnant" side of the fence ;)