happy birthday...cha cha cha!

friday was a day of wallowing and i completely forgot to post in honor of holwonder and libby lou's birthdays. better late than never, and i DID make hol the most delectable chocolate cake, so i'm not a complete jerk.

so here's to libby lou & holwonder-two of my most favoritest girls in all the land.

only libby lou can write a song with the lyrics : 'it's okay if accidents come again. your parents still love you.' and 'city city of st. george, city city of salt lake, city city on the hill, city city everywhere.' i love love love this little girl with her head in the clouds, her passion for chackstip and all things girlie, her sweet giggles and her diva attitude.

holwonder? she is the only person i know who gets as excited about presents (both giving and getting), halloween, and christmas as i do. she is a true mother-in-zion (!) and has more fun with her kids than any mom i know. even if she does say "boobs" instead of "boots" and stays out...till 3:30-irty-irty. she's the sweetest, most thoughtful girl i know, but she still packs a heck of a punch.

hope your birthdays were packed with fun, love and lots and lots of treats. i love yous.


Alifinale said...

I am jealous that I didn't get to partake of the decadent cake. It was fun to see you guys this weekend and very happy birthday to holwonder and libs.

emilie s. d. p. said...

I would love to get some of your tips on how to get my money. I was forwarded the wage claim form you sent to Michelle so I'm hopefully going to get it notarized tomorrow. Other than that I don't know what to do.
Apart from that whole mess, how are you? Are you doing Graphic Design? I have really missed you and working with so much family. I hope things are going well for you and Steve.
You'll have to give me the scoop on what it's like being married to a law school student.

emilie s. d. p. said...

emiliesdp@gmail.com but I can't check it at work so cc it to epeterso@amfam.com (yes, for some reason there's no "n" at the end of Peterson) and that way I can print stuff off there. Thanks so much.

Lacy said...

I am so glad that you wrote on my blog. I just got into this blog thing. It is fun. I love looking at everyone's blog. I wanted to say sorry about the cruise. Right now we could be on the boat drinking margarita's and for that I am sorry. Due to not getting paid and me getting a new job.. I didn't feel I could go. SO don't hate me. Anyway how are things. What is the latest?? ATLAS is awesome. OH wait... err

Sondra said...

Liz you are my friend now! I just learned how to add a friend section. Blogging is confusing. Yours always looks so cool. I am going to need some major blogging tips someday! How are you and Nash. I want to see him walk!