for the hippie in you

and hopefully there is a little in all of us:



Jason said...

I tried holding my breath, but nothing. And, dang people, chill out on the procreation thing a little. Wow.

But, I really wanted to tell you how your husband's latest blog entry was absolutely hilarious.

AlexisTexas said...

wow. that's cool. and not cool in that we are destroying the earth quite rapidly-cool in the sense that it makes you realize that it really does add up...yikes.

buddens said...

That's pretty interesting. And scary. Especially when you think (at least when I checked it) that for some of the worst offending countries it was the middle of the night and it was still bad.

Jeff said...

Thanks for posting that, My Live renewable blog is all about saving the earth. We all need to do something.


I have a great video posted there about what we should do about global warming take a look.

Ma.lis.sa said...

I moved into a town of hippies! you Steve and Nash should come see Bill and I sometime.