i come from a family of sleep talkers. and walkers.

last night, i jumped up in the middle of the night and exclaimed: "what?!, what?!"
to which stevie bevie responded: ""huh?"
i went on and on: "andy, andy; there's green stuff all over the pillow!" i turned toward my pillow and brushed it off.
stevie bevie started laughing, which upset me: "i know what i'm talking about. i'm not sleeping!" stevie bevie laughed even more. i went "back to sleep".

i know this because i was completely coherent, while apparently incoherent! i remember the whole thing, and at the time it made perfect sense that there was "green stuff" all over my pillow. i even remembered it this morning when i woke and rolled over to stevie bevie and whispered "there's green stuff all over the pillow..."

andybob, my little brother, roomed with our cousin mitch a few years back. One night, in his sleep, he said: "oh, there's a new movie coming out."
mitch, who knew andybob's tendency to sleep-talk, decided to play along.: " oh, really? what sort of movie?"
although he was asleep, andy sensed the sarcasm in mitch's voice. there was a long pause, then andybob came back with: "ROT IN HELL!"


Jewels said...

HAHAHA - That is so funny! Cody has had an episode or two that involves some serious sleep-talking/screaming/jumping out of the bed. I'll have to tell you the whole story sometime, it was hilarious. I guess I sleep-talk sometimes, too. You know like right before you fall asleep and you say something random that wakes you up? And you're like, "Oh crap...I hope nobody heard me say that". I need to get to Tai Pan! I haven't been there forever, I must go look at the firefighter stuff. Ok, this comment is long enough.

HW said...

I have totally done that. I start sleep talking and get mad when Aaron tells me I'm asleep and acts like I'm talking nonsense. I'm not!

jill said...

I was sleep talking the other night I guess. Apparantley I got a little upset and said some unkind words to Sean when he started to laugh at me. Thats just how I roll.

Ma.lis.sa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *spits water out all over comp*

holy dung. The Andy part was unreal and completely unexpected