lexis lucille III

now that there's a new baby in my life, my first baby hasn't been getting the attention she deserves. lexi has been the best stinkin dog ever, especially considering the neglect and abandonment she must certainly feel since nash has entered the world. don't get me wrong, lex still gets tons of attention, but she was majorly spoiled before nash came. we would cuddle for hours at a time during my pregnancy-after work i'd come crash on the couch and we would just lie there all night long watching HGTV till stevie bevie came home. now i'm hard pressed to find ten minutes to do that with her. she has handled it so well. she loves nash (and nash loves her). whenever nash sees lexi run by him like a black flash, he kicks real fast and gets a big dimply smile on his face. lexi is probably more attracted to nash's spit-up than to his companionship at this point, but hey, it's a start. nash is very cooperative-he opens his mouth wide when she comes near so she can clean it out. i know, i know; it's totally gross, but we're having a hard time keeping it from happening when we aren't looking!

anywho, today lex and i were out in the backyard taking pics for the new blog i'm starting (i'm using it to sell our house) and she was just as perfect as always. "stay" is one of her best (and only) tricks. i felt i should give her a "bark out." so...here's to lexis lucille III. sitting pretty like the princess she is.

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Jewels said...

OH. MY. GOSH. That house you are looking at in SLC? BUY IT!! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I too have a HUGE weakness for older homes with wood floors, thick molding and exposed brick. I am SO jealous, it's not even funny!! I totally understand the weight of the cons, sometimes old homes like that can be a hidden money pit. Hope you get it!