happy father's day {to stevie bevie}

stevie bevie,
happy first father's day.
you are the best daddy in the world. you stay at home with nash and your temper is getting better and better every day! seeing you with nash makes me the happiest mommy in all the land. remember how we used to fight over who had to hold him, and all of the sudden you would rather do the dishes and clean the toilets than have to hold a fussy baby? well now you hurry to his little room to help him when he is crying and you have become so helpful. i know i give you a lot of crap for things (like not closing the formula container or not cleaning the bottles well enough), but in all honesty, you do more than most daddies ever do. and you rarely complain, except when you're too tired to keep your composure! anyway, i love you and nash is lucky to have the best daddy.


Lance said...

Happy Father's Day Stevie!

Alifinale said...

Yay stevie bevie for being such a cute dad. I can't wait to see him in action as the stay at home daddy in a few weeks.

AlexisTexas said...

those shoes are so cute! oh, and steve and nash, you are absolutely adorable-perfect little father-son duo! way to go daddy-o...hope you guys had a great father's day!