havey is one!

at one, haven has:

  • three teeth
  • big blue eyes
  • dirty feet (always)
  • a special dance she does only in her carseat and even when there's no music on
  • long, chubby legs
  • long, skinny fingers
  • hair that can just barely fit into a tiny clip with the help of a little karo
  • a big smile that makes her little face form a rectangle
  • the ability to make her daddy melt like no one else can
  • a big brother who uses the potty (!)
  • the sweetest disposition, but
  • the most horrible cry
  • an obsession with standing on her own
  • a family who loves her and couldn't imagine life without her

we love our havey baby and the happiness she brings to our family. she's our own little ray of sunshine.

happy birthday, haven!


+L said...

we can't wait to spend more time with this little gem. happy birthday haven!! can't believe you've been around that long...

Bri!!! said...

I cannot believe she is 1. She is such a cute little thing.

Alifinale said...

I seriously can't believe she is one! She is so stinking cute and I love her rectangle face smile. Sorry it will be late but present is in the mail. I just wish we could be there to join in the festivities.

stevie bevie said...

Excuse me Ms. Finale, but it is a football shaped smile.

Tuttles said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Haven!

Lillian said...

Happy Birthday! She is just the cutest thing. Wow, one year old!

buddens said...

I can't believe she's already a year! Mostly because that means MINE is almost a year too! Where did it go? She is so beautiful, and those eyes are stunning!

jill said...

happy birthday! she is so cute. and i love that picture. i can't wait to see her in person.

Munchkin said...

what a darling one year old

bulkleybunch said...

happy birthday havey! i think we have a good thing going, let's not blow it like your older brother has!:) sure love you, sorry we missed your party.

Beeta and Peeps said...

Happy Birthday Havey Baby! All of your pictures are so cute. You're an awesome little photographer. I love Haven's outfit at the birthday party (from all the pics my dad sent). She's already miss fashionista!