things are looking up. just a tad. the floor dudes came early-although we are starting to think that it might not matter how early they came when they only put in three hours a day. yes, that's right. apparently i have to take on a new role as foreman and boss those guys around to get these floors in ship shape by the weekend. ahhhh.....contractors.
the dishwasher repairman, after a little pestering by muwah, finally brought the ordered part over and fixed the dishwasher. the mechanisms are now free of children's refrigerator magnets and has a functional soap dispenser. stevie bevie was especially thrilled about this.
we're getting dish installed tomorrow (we've been without tv and internet for a few days now on top of having our furniture play musical chairs). and i sold the lawnmower that the formers so kindly left us for $50 on craigslist.
have i mentioned how much i love craigslist? the former owners left so much crap it's unbelievable, but with a little effort on my part i just may be able to make enough off of all of it to pay for their friggin rotted out subfloor! if only i could hold onto the cash.....over the past week i have somehow managed to loose around $100 in cash. i have suspicions of a certain someone raiding my jeans pockets and fauxbo, but certain someone refuses the notion..
and best of all, nash woke up last thursday and had somehow mastered a cute new trick in his sleep:


buddens said...

I told you wrong about our mattress. It's a Simmons Beauty Rest, not Sealy.

Laurie said...

That is just about the cutest baby in the world.

Alifinale said...

Glad things are getting better and you will have tv and internet back. Nash is so stinkin' cute. He is crawling so well and I love the click!

AlexisTexas said...

ahhh!!! sooo cute! i love the clicking tongue! i miss you guys so much already. boo